1) Translation

Main Focus :

. Localizing & globalizing softwares and network related sources (IT)
. Localizing & globalizing Websites (Website)
. Documentations for the Patent & New Design Registration (Patent)
. Localizing Educational Texts & Publications (Publications by using computer & software ..related tools)

Applying for contents concerning Machinery, ..Electrics, Pharmacy, and Construction in Asia.
. Introducing & globalizing Travel information ..(Accommodation, Sight-seeing,
Restaurants, Etc)
. Spreading Religion (mainly focus on Christianity ..and..Catholicizm)
. Providing technical journals with periodic articles.
. Localizing International Finance Business(For the ..securities, banks, Trusts & Investments, Real Estates, ..etc): The President's major & career

Main Type :

Technical & operational manuals, Documentations, Contracts, Proposals & reports, Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets, Engineering Layouts, Articles, Voice -Recording, Texts, Thesis, etc

Language : ( Based on Target Language)
. Into Oriental Language: Chinese (traditional & simple), Japanese, Korean, Malay, ..Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, etc
. Into Western Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc

Price Guide
Determination of the prices is possible to negotiate with you, according to the volumes, the degree of difficulties, the types, the charges for editing, delivery date, customer's special instructions for charge, etc. We will try to serve you with more competitive prices and quality products, fully considering the situations of the customers. Our company's offered prices to you always keep them in consistence. We will be grateful to you if you understand that the break-downs of our company's translation prices includes translation, typing, proofreading, editing, and other maintenance & operational fees for the successful translation results for you, and we provide you with more reasonable price.

Price Calculation Method
Customers from
Western & other countries: based on word count
From China : based on 1,000 character in Chinese
From Russia: based on 300 words
From Korea: based on the numbers of the Lines
Arrangement, layout, and editing for the desktop printing is also to be considered.