2) Interpretation

Our in-house trained and experienced, interpreters available for you provide their fluent and satisfactory services to you. We solemnly select and train the qualified interpreters according to the characteristics and requirements of the interpretation, and try to lead successful interpretation. We are mainly concerned in interpreting in China, America, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and Russia, besides interpreting communications through internet meetings and teleconferences.

Interpretation covers business negotiations, conferences, seminars, teleconferences, travel guides, accompanied business trips, workshops, parties and preliminary members & interpreters for establishing new offices, etc.

Price Calculation Method

Determination of the prices is possible to negotiate with you, according to the interpretation.
- on-line interpretation
Calculated according to the minutes, the degree of difficulties, and type
- off-line interpretation
Calculated according to the hours, the degree of difficulties, and type
General out-of -pocket money for the interpretation is provided by the customers.